HELP! Can Lechi transfer mission data stored in the DJI Fly app?

It seems DJI’s Lichi-like capability to create autonomous missions has one HUGE fatal flaw that has me madder than hell and investigating a Lechi subscription.

The problem I’m facing is that I have recently set up multiple autonomous missions using DJI’s latest firmware on the Mavic 3 drone. It has taken me several months to create these routes, and capturing the necessary photopoints with the DJI app has been a tedious process, even with 8 batteries. Now, I need to upgrade my iPhone, but I have encountered two issues:

  1. iCloud does not support backing up DJI data.
  2. DJI does not provide a way to back up application data.

As a result, when I switch to a new iPhone, I will lose all the autonomous flight data that’s stored in the DJI Fly app that covers nearly a 1000 acres of land. This data is crucial for my work, as I use it to create orthomosaics in Drone Deploy and monitor changes in biological study areas over time.

My immediate question is: Is there any possible way to transfer the mission data from the DJI Fly application to Lechi?

@Larry2 ,

Take a look at this utility and see it if help you.

One thing to keep in mind about the newest edition of Litchi is that it is only supported on Android devices.
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