Having Trouble Selecting What Waypoint to Start a Mission

Hello y’all,

I’ve planned a long waypoint mission that will require me to come back to home and change batteries and then start the mission again. Is is possible to pause the mission (by switching from N mode to C mode) flying home, turning off the drone, replacing battery, and taking off again. How would I get it to fly where it was and resume exactly. It’s not exactly clear in the instructions unless I’m missing something.

If that isn’t possible, and say I ran out of battery at way point 10 of 14, how do I tell it to start the mission at Waypoint 11? Unless I misread something, I had difficulty finding that option as well. Appreciate the insight. Thank you

Immediately set the start of the mission from 1 to 12 points. Then from 12 to 24 and so on

Can you elaborate on that? I don’t have 12 waypoints. I have 14 but need to resume, or start, at waypoint 11 of 14

When you press the start of the mission, you need to select 1-11, 11-14

You’re saying batch select those waypoints, and then click start in the app?

I have already answered this question

You can tell the drone to start a mission at any choosen waypoint by clicking on it before you click ‘GO’.
In the screenshot below the drone will immediately fly to waypoint 3 (skipping waypoints 1 & 2).