Pause and Resume Mapping Mission to change Batteries

Hi, new Litchi user, I am using waypoint missions for mapping and often these are long enough to need to change battery part way through. whilst I can abort the mission and return to home OK, when I restart the mission Litchi doesn’t offer the chance to restart following the last completed waypoint which seems odd. What this means is that I have to try and keep track of the waypoint it got to manually and remember that after the battery change and then scroll through hundreds of waypoints to find the correct one. Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to offer this option - unless I am missing something?

Welcome @Dave_Wynne ,

Litchi is a very versatile app, but its focus is not ‘mapping’. True, its waypoint function is great to use for mapping purposes. And you are right, you have to manually tell it which waypoint is the beginning after a battery change.
If you are monitoring the screen during a mapping flight, its not difficult to see which waypoint it passed before you have to land.
I zoom in and watch the mission path, when the battery starts to get low. Then, I pick an easy point to stop the mission and return home (at the end of a straight line, for example).

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Thanks for the reply, appreciate that Litchi is not a mapping app - I have to go through a lot of hoops just to get a mission planned before even hitting Litchi. However, it seems such a simple thing for it to remember the last waypoint completed, seems like a very quick job and doesn’t impact other processing (and may also be useful for other use cases). The missions I am running have up to 1000 waypoints which are only a few seconds apart so catching the correct waypoint number and remembering it is not trivial.

Having Trouble Selecting What Waypoint to Start a Mission @Dave_Wynne Check out this link to a similar thread with @TriBar having the best answer the the mission battery change question.

Another flyer suggested breaking down the single mission into multiple smaller missions with the battery change happening between them. Otherwise if you randomly decide to come back for a new battery, you will have to write down which was the last waypoint and then resume the mission at the next one after the change.

I understand how to start the mission at a particular waypoint, it is just unecessarily awkward and time consuming when you have hundreds of waypoints.
The problem with splitting the mission is you have to make a guess about how far the battery will take you and that is dependant on many factors including wind and temperature so you are either to cautious and end up wasting battery capacity or you risk the mission aborting.

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At this time it is not possible in Litchi.
It’s best you create a post in the ‘Ideas & Suggestions’ section of this forum.