Gridded waypoint missions

Hi everyone, new to litchi and looking forward to fully understanding its capabilities.
Trying to set up a gridded waypoint mission in the flight hub but cannot find a way to do it. Any suggestions ?


If you are trying to map an area, take a look at this link Drone Grid Mapping Tool for Litchi! - YouTube
Basically, you just:

  1. Click the “Hammer and Wrench” to open the Tools.
  2. Click the “Menu” (three bars in the bottom left)
  3. Draw a home point (green) which acts as the first waypoint. This is where your drone should be standing on the ground.
  4. Draw a polygon for the area of interest
  5. Adjust the parameters in the menu (drone, overlap, altitude, direction, etc)
  6. Save to local machine
  7. Upload the csv file via Litchi Mission Hub and save to account
  8. Fly mission via Litchi

Thank you so much Sam for the info and suggestion, I will take a look through and become familiar with the ancient map process. Just wondering why Litchi has not got this within its app

What are you talking about?

In terms of what … mission grid planning and it not being a feature on Litchi, if it is I can’t find it