Gps accuracy and variations

I noticed when flying missions close to the ground that the accuracy of altitude does not reflect the entry on the waypoint, in fact I have noticed considerable differences even between flying the same mission again at a later time. Does litchi use gps for height, as I noticed I could fly manually on the same path on the level. I also noticed the starting point moves from session to session by several metres. Is there anything I can do to improve the situation. Lastly is the Gps on the phone responsible or interactive with the drone during a waypoint mission I.e maps in relation to objects in the real world.

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No. Your drone uses GPS for horizontal positioning only.

Your drone uses barometric pressure to determine its height (above take-off location). It compares the barometric pressure at the drone’s current location against the barometric pressure at the drone’s take-off location to determine the relative height. This is normally accurate to a few meters but can vary more than that depending on the weather conditions. I once experienced vertical positioning to be off by more than three meters at the end of a flight. Landing and restarting the motors will reset the barometric reference in an event like this.

Consumer GPS positioning is typically accurate to plus or minus a few meters.

No. The GPS position on your flying device is irrelevant to your drone’s positioning. Your device’s position may be displayed in the “compass view” of DJI’s software but is generally not important to flying a drone under most conditions.

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These statements are ill-conceived, miss-leading, and incorrect. Your phone’s GPS has nothing to do with how your drone flies a waypoint mission. If you have any doubts, ask yourself how people use litchi on tablets that do not have GPS? DJI Fly drones do indeed use latitude and longitude coordinates. They come from the missions you have on your flying device. Whether or not your phone, tablet, or flying device has GPS is irrelevant.

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