Gimbal movement very jerky

I have used the IOS litchi app on only one day when I executed three different planned missions. I found the movement of the gimbal very jerky and on one occasion the gimbal moved up and down several times without being in the plan. CAn you someone tell me if this is a glitch in the software and will it get sorted. Also am I correct in thinking that you cannot use litchi in cinemascope mode as this does have better control of the gimbal

What speed do you have set?

Not sure I fully follow question because I have left the speed set at cruising or are you referring to the gimbal controls.

Do you want the camera to move slowly at 28km/h?

Set the flight speed to 5-10km/h.

I will try this the next time I go out to fly. thank you

Flew the mini2 again today on Litchi and find once more that the gimbal heading is moving to and fro. there are other erratic movements that are not in any plan. Is there a glitch with the App?

Hi Ray,

The jerky yaw movement you describe is not a glitch in Litchi. Instead, it is a limitation of the newer DJI drones that require companies like Litchi to implement waypoint missions using “Virtual Sticks”. Litchi is working on this issue and may be able to improve the flight characteristics in a future update.

There have been many people asking about this exact issue. One such thread is here:

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