Follow Me Starting Direction

Hi all

Just used the follow me function for the first time today whilst out on my bike. Worked really well, however I do have a question and was wondering if it was myself doing something wrong.

So basically I started the Mini 2 facing the correct direction in which we were travelling, upon activating the follow me function the drone basically did a 180 and faced the opposite direction. I had to stop and start the function again and it did another 180 to fact the direction it was in the first place, it then commenced as planned. Am I doing something wrong?


Have a look at this topic:

and the Online User Guide:

thank you @TriBar, I think i found the issue, I didn’t realize that the ‘Follow Settings’ actually scrolled down. My dialog box just displayed the Altitude and Distance options. Had i have noticed a compass further down I would have seen that I would have been able to alter it.

Thank you for your help

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