Folders for mission organization

i have been asking for years for this - we use litchi 8-10 times a day - just want to be able to have a folder for a client job site instead of scrollling and scrolling and scrolling looking for a mission. Last time we deleted some flights everything got deleted and the team had to reinstall everything for us - please lets get some cool mission organizing tools before we add more features and with the mapping coming out this is mission critical to have - thanks

Wow, 8 to 10 flights a day will create a really long listing of all flight plans in no time. Even with my hobbyist flight count of one daily on average, it really does take quite a bit of scrolling to find my saved flight plans so I can imagine how lengthy the Litchi flight plan listing can get for your commercial operation.

Litchi staff do frequent this forum so you’re definitely posing this question in the right place.

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