User IDs for App vice website

Hi Folks, First post here as I didn’t find what I thought would have been already answered. My wife and I are both drone pilots, bought the app for iOS on a family plan so that means theres only one user ID Apple provides for both of us. You can’t buy the app again so that we’d have each one version of it. Can we have separate IDS on the Litchi website for each of us and have them connect to our drones in our iOS apps or must we share one one login on the website as well?


What does that mean exactly? I’ve never heard of a family plan for Litchi. When you buy Litchi for IOS, it is associated with your AppleID. If you have multiple IOS devices where each uses the same AppleID, you can load the Litchi app on each of those devices without paying again. This is not a family plan. It is just how Litchi’s licensing works.

You could if you each used your own AppleID.

I’m pretty sure that one Litchi purchase equals one set of Litchi login credentials.

This question intrigued me by thinking it could be a means of dividing my numerous waypoint missions in sets corresponding to locations and/or projects.
So I tried it.

I was able to create multiple Litchi accounts, named them after the location/project, and copied the corresponding missions to them on one of my devices. The automatic synchonization (Sync Local Missions), did the rest to the Litchi Hub and my other devices.
However, each Litchi account needs it’s own, different email account.

So YES you can.

I don’t know how to do this on Apple devices.

On Android:
LITCHI Missions:

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You are correct. Thanks for pointing this out. I created a second set of Litchi credentials in the Mission Hub and then created a new mission using my new credentials.

Then, in the Litchi app, you can log out of your current account and log in using the new account and see only the mission(s) in this new account.

Under IOS, the missions are stored in:
[Litchi]/missions/__users/[a 10-digit alphanumeric ID]/[mission name]

Although that last piece of information is not necessary to know in order to do this.