Flying hilly terrain

I get to fly some challenging, hilly, heavily forested terrain in the middle of nowhere tomorrow.

I’ve got a shot list (mostly videos), but I want to know where the property boundaries are so I’m not wasting battery time flying farther than I need to fly.

I’ve created a new mission by importing the kml of the property boundaries into litchi. It shows up as 3 rectangles, each with 4 waypoints.

With that mission loaded, I can still just fly wherever I want, correct? And simply use the mission lines to keep myself within the property?


@Bill_Hagen ,
No, that is not possible with Litchi. Litchi is designed to tell a drone WHERE to go, instead of where NOT to go.
Here is a similar post.

Yes, that can be done. If you wish to simply use the loaded mission to show the property boundaries, you can then manually fly within those boundaries.

I think Sam was assuming you wanted to create another mission within the constraints of your “boundary mission”.

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@Bill_Hagen @wesbarris ,Yes, I could have misunderstood what was meant by that statement.
If you want to use the mission lines as a visual cue, you can certainly do that.
I took it to mean that the polygon would serve as a fence and prohibit the drone from crossing the line.

Thanks to both of you! It looks like it’ll work for my purposes…as long as I don’t hit the “play” button to start the mission! :rofl:

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Update: it worked just like I hoped it would!

And yes…I did accidentally press “play” not once, but twice! I’m thankful that it pops up a dialog asking what waypoint I want to start at, with an option to cancel. :rofl:

That feature alone was worth the extra $25 to add it to my ipad (I already have it for my android).