Fix Jerky Yaw for Automated Flight Modes that use Virtual Sticks (Joystick Mode)

Hello, I’m pretty new to Litchi, tried some waypoints and other modes, they work with my Air 2 but the movements are jerky when you speed the footage up in post. Can this be fixed somehow?
I noticed that in waypoints mode, the app adds a little of yaw very frequently, creating these jerky movements. Why not to make it so instead of almost instantly moving the yaw, why not make it smooth? Is that possible?


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This is a known quantity at this point, and apparently rooted in the behaviour of the drone as opposed to something caused by Litchi.

For the time being, see if this is of any use to you: I have tried a few things and have been fairly successful in getting smooth orbits. It’ll probably help your waypoint missions too:

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Yes, this is an issue created because of Virtual Sticks behavior in new drones, because DJI removed “Real Waypoints” from the firmware and SDK, and now app developers like Litchi devs need to simulate the behavior using Virtual Sticks. But I’m sure this can be done better, the simulation, I mean. Adding some smoothing to the yaw stick might help. I made a feature request to DJI here: DJI-PLEASE Add REAL WAYPOINTS to Air 2/2S & Mavic 3 | DJI FORUM