First waypoint - the drone stops and doesn't proceed with the mission

I’m encountering a problem with my DJI Phantom 4 using Litchi app. I’ve created a mission using the Litchi app for linear data collection via video recording. The mission uploads successfully, and the drone takes off to the starting point. However, at that first waypoint, the drone stops and doesn’t proceed with the mission, displaying the message:

“Warning: Aircraft is tilted, please keep the aircraft stationary and level before flight.”

While the drone is air, I accessed the settings and found the message “disabled curve turns.” The starting point indicates a curve turns value of 0 degrees.

I’ve performed all necessary calibrations, and everything seems fine, but the same error messages persist. Does anyone have an idea of what the problem might be?

Check if your cruising speed is not zero.

Sounds like high wind velocity.
At WP1 press the pause button, wait a few seconds then continue the mission.

I never heard of this message, most likely “Actions are disabled with curved turns”

The curve size at WP1 is always zero, a curve can only exist between 2 lines, i.e. 3 points.

It would be helpfull if you shared your mission in the Mission Hub: