Ferris Wheel Mission Maker for Litchi

I have created a new utility used to create a Litchi mission in the shape of a Ferris wheel.

A “Ferris Wheel” mission is a path that causes the drone to fly in a vertical circle as if it is on a Ferris wheel. When used in conjunction with a point of interest (POI) and capturing video, it can result in interesting camera movement near the object of interest.


Dude… That is totally cool.

WOW – I would love to use this!

I hope Litchi makes this one of their features, requiring to only enter a starting point.

Then you could greenscreen a Ferris Wheel ride.
I did that with a Helicopter, pretty cool.

This is a really nifty mission I’d love to try out. Can the drone point to a poi that is perpendicular to the diameter of the ‘wheel’, i.e. in effect flying sideways throughout the whole mission?

Yes, it’s because I put the POI there, but you can put where you want and then choose the height.

KML (google earth) : ANP33 - GrandeRoue - Droite.kml - Google Drive

The mission, if you want to copy where you want : Mission Hub - Litchi

great out of the box thinking I really like the effect

Thanks for that. I was hoping it was the case but just thought I’d check. Going to give it a try as soon as the weather improves.

There was a similar thread earlier in the year.