Failed to stop mission error

Those are 2 contradicting statements, the mission DID start.

code 1003 is a generic code for any time out error.
-Execution of this process has timed out(code:-1003)
-Failed to upload mission. timeout error-1003
-Failed to stop mission.

For the cause in this situation i think you switched back to P mode too fast.
Since the mission did actually stop, you don’t have to worry about this message.

The only reasons for hovering i can think of are:
-a very low cruising speed or 0 (zero).
-a very low speed or zero at wp1 (666ft & 49min = 0.13mph for the whole mission) so it might only look like the drone is just hovering.

You exit an app by pressing the home button on your iOS device.

Share your mission.
Here you can read how to do that:

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