Facebook livestream

Hi…is it possible to connect to Facebook page for livestream rather than profile?

You should be able to select a Page to stream to by tapping on your facebook profile picture in the settings shown before starting the live stream
it only works for pages that are linked to your FB account of course

Sorry, but I don’t appear to get that option if I’m understanding you correctly…
When I click on the share option, I’m asked if I want to share to Facebook…
I press continue with Facebook but it takes me to my profile, not the page I wish to stream to.

Ooooh!..I think I may have found it…

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So, slow progress but hopefully getting there…have connected to my Facebook page (thank you for your help) but can’t seem to get a connection when I use the URL and stream key.

Normally you just select the page in Litchi, then tap on Go Live and it should appear on your page’s feed
No need for any url/stream keys

So, DJI has confirmed that their apps don’t support rtmps which Facebook uses until the app is updated in the future.
I wanted to use the URL and key to go straight to my page because despite setting my Facebook profile page to host the live video to my business page, the link is not made any the video does not appear on my page, just on my profile.
Clearly litchi has found a way to get the stream to Facebook… perhaps that cunning magic could be used to make the URL and key work :crossed_fingers:

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Rtmps is coming… :wink:

That sounds promising…
Do you mean Facebook will be using rtmp …or litchi will support rtmps? :thinking:

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Facebook live requires rtmps internally so Litchi already supports that. You should not have to enter url/key manually for facebook live, which version of Litchi are you using? Some FB live bugs were fixed in latest beta for iOS and latest android version.

We are also adding a way to stream direct to a rtmp/rtmps url in the next update, it is already in testing on android

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V4 21 00 beta
I can post to Facebook live, but only to my profile…it’s not sending it to my business page unfortunately…so I wanted to use the URL and key for my business page…if that makes sense?

It works fine for me to stream to a FB page, I tested with Litchi 4.21.0 beta, mini 2/air 2s and samsung tab s5e (android 11)
Please check your FB settings - Business integrations, make sure that you have given all permissions to Litchi. You could also try to delete the Litchi integration in your FB settings to reset it.
Also check to make sure you have the latest facebook app installed on your android device.

Thank you for your continued help.
I’m not sure I know where all those settings are :frowning:
When you stream to a Facebook page, are you using the URL and stream key, or are you achieving it through the Facebook option on Litchi?

You will find these settings on https://www.facebook.com/ (top right corner)
I used the built in facebook feature in Litchi when I tested, there should be no need to enter any URL manually

Just tried again.
Can link straight away to Facebook. The problem remains that it goes to my profile and not my business page. Clearly the problem is in Facebook…I will continue to battle with this…:grin:

Well I don’t know if it’s the latest update, or I have changed something, but I now have my business page available as an option to stream to on the app :grin:
I will test today and report back…
Thank you for your input :+1::+1:

All good today, thank you everyone for your help through this.
One minor hiccup was before I went out to fly I did a trial for only me to see, but it went out as public, not sure why.

I believe for business pages “Only me” may not work

Thank you…good to know for future reference :+1:

Used this a few times now…
Found phone signal strength is critical for smooth video. Is there anyway in litchi to adjust the transmission rate or the video quality?
Also find it does use alot of my data package :joy: