Facebook livestream

Try to disable Full HD Stream in the Litchi settings
Litchi forwards the video stream from drone straight to live stream server, it is not possible to lower the bitrate other than to disable Full HD Stream

Thank you :blush: … appreciated.

Have you tried it while connected to WiFi? Curious if the quality would be better.

So far I have just used it where mobile signal was good…apart from once where weak signal generated choppy video…
I guess it depends on available wi fi to check that idea…

I’ve got a good location, in mind, to test it. As soon as the weather permits, I’ll do just that, and post the results.

Please do… much appreciated :blush:

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Can I direct a livestream to a client’s Facebook page rather than use my own page ?

You would have to log in to the facebook account that the page is managed with

Thank you…to obtain their URL and stream code, or is it more simple than that?
Do you mean if I log into their page, it will appear as an option to stream to in the litchi/ Facebook stream options?

In Litchi, you need to log in to the account that can manage the Page, just like if you log in to your own personal account you will see your own pages.
If you are able to get the rtmp URL + stream key for that specific page then you can also try to enter that manually but I am not sure if that will work

Thank you… very much appreciated…I will try that. :+1:

Ok if you midstream to Facebook where does the video get saved on the drones SD card, as I tried today and it successfully streamed to Facebook, but I can’t find the video on the SD card

I don’t think it does record Martin… unless you also record video simultaneously…

If that’s the case i’ll just have to download from Facebook

Hello, I’m doing a live live on my page, everything is fine except the comments that don’t appear on the screen, even activating the comments option.

This is caused by a bug with the facebook live comments API: Log into Facebook

Does it works on iPhone? I want to live stream to Facebook business page with Air 2S

You can stream to a page no problem, the problem is just comments don’t work until Facebook fixes the bug on their end