Does Litchi support "travel to waypoint" functionality?

Hello, I am not yet a Litchi user but interested if it could fulfill my requirement.

Can I store a waypoint or similar position during a flight and then recall it during the second flight and the drone would fly (preferably with “Sport” mode) there and start hovering?

I need to document construction sites and blasts. During the first flight I check the safe area for the operator and define the camera angles for recording.

During the blast, I need to quickly get the drone to previously defined position and hover there until I fly it back.

I tried to look through the documentation but couldn’t find answer straight away.

Phantom 4 with iPad.

Thanks, Timo

Have a look at this thread:

The short answer is “yes” with some caveats.

You can configure a button on the remote controller to set a waypoint when pressed. This will allow you to manually fly to a location and orient the camera then press a button to store the drones location, heading and gimbal pitch angle.

All waypoint missions must have at least two waypoints, so depending on your requirements, you may need to creat a dummy waypoint before the final waypoint where the photo is to be taken.

You can configure the mission so that the drone automatically takes a photo upon reaching a waypoint. You can also set the “Finish Action” to “Hover” so that when the mission completes and the drone is hovering at that last waypoint you can manually take a photo.