DJI Mini 2 SE - Aircraft Not Connected To Rc Warning

Hello, I just bought a DJI Mini 2 SE. I’m trying to connect Litchi with the drone but get the “Aircraft Not Connected To Rc” warning. I set Litchi default on my phone and the DJI app does not work in the background. How can I fix this? Is my drone compatible with Litchi?

It is because of the continuous questions about the Mini 2 SE that I wrote this:


Wish I knew. What a waste of a drone

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Do you think the SDK will be a thing or should I be looking for a new drone??

That is an issue for DJI to decide, not the developers of Litchi or any other 3rd party app.

No I don’t think DJI will include the mini2 SE in an SDK, as they never put it in the msdk4, and also left it out of msdk5 when that was launched

Hallo Hasan1 - genau vor diesem Problem stehe ich auch gerade. Gruß Peter…

After going back and forward with DJI they sent me this email,
“Since we have released the DJI Mobile SDK 5.0.0 Version, we have received lots of valuable feedback from our developers. Now we wish to collect the evaluation of this version from you.
Please take your time to complete our survey. If you have completed our survey before, please do not repeat it. Thanks!
Link: MSDK V5.0.0 Version Release Survey
I think if more people update and post for the above link we might be lucky :slight_smile:

It looks like that survey is for developers, not end users.

Thats correct, is it dev guys need to release the SDK so as end users can use the Litchi app f Mini 2 SE?