Creating an Elliptical Waypoint Mission for Litchi

I have created another utility for Litchi waypoint missions. This utility is used to create a mission in the shape of an ellipse.

An ellipse may be defined by two foci and an eccentricity value. Google Earth Pro is used to provide the foci coordinates. Once converted to a Litchi waypoint mission, the foci are used as if they were POIs. However, once the mission is loaded into Litchi, those foci may be moved or deleted if so desired.

For those of you using drones including those in the Mavic 3 series, the Air 3, or the Mini 4 Pro, you are also able to use these Litchi utilities and then use my “Litchi Mission to DJI Waypoints” converter to fly missions on drones such as those.



Nice tool Les!
Thanks for sharing.
I have a special use case where I would like to camera to be pointing perpendicular to the flight direction (outwards) rather than inwards to a single POI. Would that be difficult to achieve with your programming knowledge?
My use case is detailed cliff mapping. I want to fly parallel to the cliff and photograph close to perpendicular to the rock face. Some user control on the camera inclination would be nice as well.



While anything is possible, what you describe is a special use case (as you said) so I’m hesitant to add that as an option to the “Ellipse Mission Maker”.

However, I have another new utility what has not yet been announced. I think it might be more appropriate for what you are trying to accomplish. Go to my web page and look for “Facade Mission Maker”.

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I just came across this forum post and Wes’ link. Nice web tool, Wes. Thanks for sharing!

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