Create/Add Waypoints from Drone's Current Position

I’m pretty new to Litchi, so my apologies if this is something that can already be done while in flight – I spend more time in front of the PC than I do behind the sticks and I notice that some features/settings are only available when connected to the drone.

When creating a mission from your phone, is there a way to fly the drone to a target location, push a button, and create/add a waypoint with all the pertinent information (orientation, altitude, coordinates, gimbal pitch, etc) based on where the drone is at that point in time?

I suppose the alternative workflow would be to fly to a target location, add a waypoint and drag it precisely over the drone’s current location, and then note all the relevant information to update the waypoint accordingly.


You can do that using the custom function “Waypoint at aircraft”: Help - Litchi

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There is a button on the remote for this.

Hi TriBar, i tried to follow your instructions and doennt work
-Finish Action- i put -None-
-Path Mode- i put -Straight Lines-
i set up my FN button in waypoint keys to -Waypoint at Aircraft-
i took off manually in waypoint mode and when i hit the FN button nothing happened
can you help ,thanks

Sorry TriBar, it finally works! thanks to sharing that ! very useful

I want to reopen the Thread, even nearly a year old.
As for the Mini SE there are no funktion-Keys:
Is there an other possibility to store the current position as a waypoint / POI ?
Thanks in advance.

The function key (Fn) acts as the C1 key.
and for the Mini & Mini SE it’s the Home key.

Look under ‘Keys’ in the Online User Manual: