Costing and trial of software

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Please advise if you supply a trial / demo of the software we can test before purchasing.
Please advise if the costing is once-off or annual fee, and are updates included.

Cost is one off, updates included. If you are not happy with Litchi, contact us within 7 days of purchase for a refund

Hi, Here it is May, 2023, and I have the same question as Branden had in Jul `22. My question is has this policy changed or is it still the same?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I could not wait for a response to my question and I just assumed that the policy of trial use had not changed since July 2022. So, I paid $24.99 for Lithchi, and it has a very irritating black screen thing that it is doing. What’s up with this? Is my cell phone incompatible with Litchi?
How to get support for it?

What are the instructions for using it? I just tried using it on my cellphone w/o powering on the drone or the controller for the drone.


Can I just uninstall the app and get my $24.99 back please? I guess I don’t want to futz with this.

You can contact litchi and ask for a refund (

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