Continue mission after battery change /w out remote signal?

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I was wondering would it be possible to get Mini 2 or other similar drones to get back on the mission after a checkpoint, landing, and the battery change without the remote. I would track motocross in a big area and my friend would change the battery but I would have the remote and because of terrain I will lose signal to the drone, therefore, it would be a nice thing to have that mission could be read from SD card in example and the drone would just continue its duty without remote controller needed to interference and continue the mission.

I would like to think that this could be archived or if not, is it possible to “daisy chain” two batteries. This would add more weight but it still would get the job done.

Sorry if this has been covered already.


After doing some more reading it seems that this could have been doable (the continue after battery change without remote in mini 1 etc which weren’t using DJI Fly App) or am I missing something.

Short answer: No

For ALL DJI drones: A waypoint Mission ends as soon as the drone has landed, even if the mission has not been completed yet.
You can restart the mission at a specific waypoint, but only when there is a connection between the AC and RC.

Also have a look at this topic:

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Thanks for your precise response :slight_smile: This thing is sorted out.

I assume no one haven’t yet been able to reverse engineer this VSC drones, OcuCon or whatever the connection protocol from RC to AC communication is used?

Just out of blue though that if protocol would be known and probably also shared keys from RC to AC so that the Drone actually thinks that “Hey my loved remote, how did you get here so fast” while actually Litchi or other Application would just emulate it’s self and after battery change just would continue.

This maybe if I’m not totally out of my head, could provide possibility to create beacon tower from whatever microcontroller which runs years with one battery and provide the VSC command to the Drone and pass response either to RC or next beacon tower nearby which would then again push it to the remote. Let’s say by using LoRa:

“According to the LoRa Development Portal, the range provided by LoRa can be up to three miles (five kilometers) in urban areas, and up to 10 miles (15 kilometers) or more in rural areas (line of sight). In addition, LoRa uses forward error correction coding to improve resilience against interference.
Physical range: >10 km in perfect conditions
Developed by: Cycleo”

But the actual point without those beacons would be just use whatever android phone to act as a remote for the Drone.

Sorry for long post but I’m very curious is there something more one could do to tune his/her’s drone to complete whatever task is needed.

Cheers everyone. :heart: