Connection Lost

I’ve had this issue now every time on the same mission and I’m wondering would the connection be lost due to the altitude not being high enough. If I fly the mission form my home to the location, which is a stone’s throw from my house, and the drone proceeds to fly around the perimeter then it loses connection when it reaches the opposite side. And if I drive round to the opposite side and fly the mission from there the gimbal goes nuts when it reaches the opposite side again. My flight altitude is 140ft and when starting the mission from home it is down hill so I’m wondering would the houses between myself and the location be blocking the connection? I know it shouldn’t as it’s down hill and they are lower but I’ve also noticed the 140ft Altitude I set is being ignored by Litchi and drops frequently. If that’s the case would raising the altitude help. It still doesn’t explain the crazy gimbal issue when I fly from the other side, which I might add does not happen if I fly from that problem area.

Still have to try this with the DJI Way Point feature to see if it repeats.

The answer will depend on what model DJI drone you are flying, whether or not you have direct line of sight between the controller and the drone, and the distance between the controller and the drone. There could be other issues that would affect your flight such as interference but the top 3 are type of drone, line of sight, and distance.

If you are flying a drone that uses “virtual stick” mode to fly waypoints and your signal is interrupted due to obstacles or distance, that would explain the behavior you describe.


Can you elaborate re: what is meant by “the gimbal goes nuts”?

Everything calibrated recently?

It loses focus on the POI and starts scanning every where but the POI and always on the same corner of the site. But if I fly from that problem side it does not happen.