Compass litchi map

Suggestion to the developer. The fact is that the compass works, but it does not show the correct direction of the mobile device to the north with a certain angle. It will be a good feature if, when you turn on the compass, you can set the direction manually and fix it.

So what? Do you have an answer?

Yes I do have an answer, and I told you allready in your first post, it’s in the magic word.

I think you are mistaken and do not understand what I am talking about.

You want to be able to rotate the map manually.

I don’t need to rotate the map. I need the compass to correctly show my position on the map and the rotation is automatic.

I spin my phone

I think you have never used a compass on your phone and don’t know about this feature.

Your phone’s compass needs to be callibrated if it’s off.

And it shows wrong in litchi. You wrote it can be done in litchi, write how? If you don’t know why write?

Google maps show correctly. But they work vertically. And litchi works in horizontal mode. Calibrating google maps is useless. Manual setting would be very convenient.

The developer does not want to answer?

You need to add a button “lock the compass at the desired angle”