Compass for litchi

Suggestion to the developer. The fact is that the compass works, but it does not show the correct direction of the mobile device to the north with a certain angle. It will be a good feature if, when you turn on the compass, you can set the direction manually and fix it.

For example. If I hold my phone horizontally and see a tree in front of me. I also see this tree on google maps, but it is located to my right or left. It would be a good function to rotate the map and fix it. Using a compass at the moment makes this impossible

You allready can do this in Litchi.

How to do it? Show screenshots

Litchi representative won’t answer this question?

It is the weekend!

Everyone needs some time off :grinning:

Am I still here waiting for a litchi answer?

The second weekend is coming up. Does Litchi know the answer to this question?

It is something we could add but not a priority versus other features

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I understand. With the compass on, I can rotate the map as I want, but when I remove my fingers, the map rotates again. No buttons are needed, you just need to make sure that the position of the card is fixed.

Let’s say that the compass pointer changes color from green to yellow, so that it is clear that the compass is corrected.

Or vice versa “yellow” when turned on and “green” when the user has selected the correct angle