Can't take photos during a waypoint mission, please help

I’m having problems with taking photos during a waypoint mission, I set a mission with multiple waypoints and have the app set to start recording from take off, i set the following at the start, middle and end of a mission, stop recording, wait 5s, take photo and start recording, I try turning the curve to zero in the middle so the drone actually goes over that waypoint and not in a curve, when i check my microSD card it has only video, i’ve checked the card thoroughly for photos and they definitely not there, any help would be appreciated, Mini 2 and S22 ultra with Exynos chip

Hi Graham,

It is not enough to set the curve size to zero at the waypoints. For waypoint actions to work, you must change the “Path Mode” to “straight lines” in the settings dialog.

Also, you don’t have to wait 5 seconds. I find that waiting 1 second is enough. I would wait 1 second before and after taking the photo before starting to record again.

Thank you for your reply, i will start a fresh mission and try that

ok, I tried the following steps at a few waypoints, 1 stop recording, 2 wait 1s, 3 take photo, 4 wait 1s and 5 start recording
what happens it stops, waits, doesnt take the photo then starts again and resumes recording
I’m struggling to get this sorted
Any ideas?

It would be helpful if you could share the mission in the Mission Hub:

I was experiencing this today. The issue doesn’t seem to be with the missions. The Litchi app doesn’t seem to be able to take a photo while recording video at the same time. If not in a mission, if you’re recording and ask for photo it gives an SDK error on the screen (damn, but I didn’t think to screen shot it). But stop the video and you can snap a picture.
So, I’m just putting 10s pauses at my waypoints and manually stop recording, snap a picture and then record again - all from the controller.
Tomorrow morning I’ll try modifying the mission to do that (stop video, take picture start video) in mission.
I’m on a Mavic Mini 1 and iOS. I’ll also try to get a screenshot of the SDK error that on-screen when not in a mission.

The Litchi app can only do what the DJI SDK allows it do to. Apparently, taking a photo while recording video is not something that DJI enables in their SDK. Therefore, Litchi can do nothing about that.

If you wish to stop recording, wait, then take a photo, I have found that a one second wait/pause will suffice.

Hmmm. I thought I was able to take photos while recording on DJI… honestly, I don’t recall. I’m probably confusing it with just the normal iOS camera which allows that.

Thanks though! I’ll adapt to a world where it’s not possible, rather than think it’s broken. :+1: