Can't Capture Waypoint at Aircraft Position

Air 2s, Basic Controller (no C2 button)
Android on Galaxy Tab 2s
Litchi v4.26.2-g
Created a new mission in mission hub.
Set keys as in attached screen shot.
Opened mission on tablet in waypoint mode.
Started mission.
C1 (fn) works.
C2 (fn) double press, (per User Guide), does not capture “Waypoint at Aircraft” position, or I do not know where to find it. I expected The waypoint to appear on the displayed mission path.
Tried at pause flight and during flight.

What is the magic to make this happen?

I’m a little confused on what you are trying to do. It sounds like you are saying that you are trying to add a waypoint while flying a mission. I’m not sure if that works. The “add waypoint at aircraft” would be used to add waypoints to a mission prior to executing that mission. Please let me know if I interpreted your description incorrectly.

Waypoint at Aircraft ONLY works whilst MANUALLY flying in Waypoint Mode.
Have a look at this thread:

Thanks for the reply wesbarris.
So it is only useful when creating a mission?
The screen shot I posted was a test mission to see if capture would work.
I create a grid search mission in mission hub to search for downed RC airplanes in a heavily wooded area. I set it to take photos at a set distance interval. I will examine all the photos on a big screen to try and find the airplane and if I’ve captured one I extract the position form the meta data. I was hoping that if I happened to see the plane during the mission I could pause and create a waypoint to which I could fly and hover while bush whacking to retrieve it after changing the battery.
Last week was a tough week for some of our flyers. 3 planes worth about $10k did not return and were swallowed by the bush.

In that case instead of Pauze the mission you could Stop the mission, then create a waypoint, change the altitude by about 1 meter and create a second waypoint, and save this newly created mission.
(A waypoint mission must have at least 2 waypoints.)
Then load/open the original mission again, select a starting waypoint near the position you stopt and hit GO to continue the original mission.

Thanks! I’ll try that.

@PilotMike If you look closer at your screenshot you can see that the C2 (fn) key says “LONG PRESS” for Waypoint at Aircraft, not double press. Hopefully this helps.

Thanks for responding, that custom keys window is incorrect.
The basic controller RC-N1 does not have a C2 button and the the C1 button does not support long press. Per Litchi long press is accomplished by double pressing.