Camera gimbal bobs up and down on waypoint mission

When flying a mission and in between waypoints I’ve noticed the camera bobs up and down before eventually settling back on the point of interest. It doesn’t happen between every waypoint only some.

Drone: Mavic 2 Pro
Gimbal Pitch: set at “focus POI”

I have the same problem with gimbal stability with mavic pro 2.
watch this video 5:12 > 5:55 and also at 13:25

it is bloody annoying.
I now set the gimbal at the same pitch of -12 deg. throughout
all flights to ensure this jumping does not occur.

Litchi does not seem to control smooth pitch changes too well,
or maybe the mavic gimbal smoothness and speed settings need adjusting
to match litchi.
I need to experiment with these settings.

Nice video on the ruins btw!

Yeah I see where the camera tends to move around. I know your pain mate and it is really annoying.

I just put together a little example video of what mine is doing. The video is of two different missions. All with “focus POI” gimbal pitch settings on the waypoints.

I also left some feedback in another thread on adding gimbal smoothness settings. Havent had a hit on that one yet.

These are caused by control signal interruptions.

For Gimbal Pitch changes and Flying Speed Changes to work there MUST be a connection between the AC and RC.
As of Android Version 4.25.0 (July 4, 2022):

[DJI GO/older drone models only] added new setting ‘Enable DJI’s Gimbal Interpolation in Waypoint mode’ to allow gimbal pitch movements out of signal range.
[DJI GO/older drone models only] when supported by the drone’s firmware, custom waypoint speeds will now work even out of signal range.

Have a look at this topic:

Thats a bone. I thought mission settings were cached in the drone in case the connection was weak or severed during the mission.

Flew a new mission today and had the same “bouncing” camera issue even though there was a connection between the AC and RC.

Don’t confuse Video Feed Signal with Control Signal.

In the specs of DJI drones, DJI always ONLY mentions VIDEO SIGNAL specifications (Lichtbridge, Occusync), never Control Signal specifications.