Cache videos to android mobile

Hello - i have purchased the android version and it is working pretty well. However, i am looking for the video cache feature where we can save a copy of the video automatically to the mobile. This feature was in DJIFly app but not visible on litchi. Is there a plan to implement this. If so, then when can it be expected.

Thanks for all the great work!

This is something we would like to add in the future. In the meantime, you can use the DJI Gallery to review your footage.

I have the same concern. Not having the cache videos available on the phone makes the app for me almost unusable. I use it to review my shootings and rework when needed, and I cannot rely on Dji Fly, that is not working on my phone (cannot update).
Also it would be so great to have the “Quick Transfer” feature of the mini 2 available in Litchi.
Can you please plan this devt and provide a timeline, even tentative ?
Many thanks.

Would you prefer video caching or an in-app media gallery? Ideally we would have both but we do not have unlimited resources.
Currently the iOS app has video/photo caching and no gallery. The Android app does not have either.
We want to add at least one of the 2 for android.

Caching affects the performance of the app when it is enabled but you can review media without having to be connected to the drone. Cached media is same quality as live video (lower quality than original media).

In-app media gallery requires connection to the drone but it lets you download original media.

Hi Vico, and many thanks for your reply, very much appreciated !
I think that in-app media gallery would be perfect, since we can check shootings wuth low-res videos and download full-res videos if needed.
The video caching has perf drawbacks indeed, but is useful for checking videos.
So, I would favor the in-app gallery. No idea on my side about which one is the simplest to code by the way.

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Just tried the app for the first time. Liked it - totally in line with the positive reviews; keep it up!

By when are you rolling out the ability to view Cached media files on the Android handset?


We are currently working on a gallery, it will arrive soon.

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Hi. Litchi is a great app and I’m happy to contribute to its development. Unfortunately, there are no questions about saving video on the phone (transmission quality). I asked the developers about it a few years ago, and they said it would be soon… unfortunately, it hasn’t happened yet. I’m sorry because I need to record videos with sound (commented) and so far I can only do this with dji go4

Why not just use the phone’s screen recorder, as I guess that’s what you are after