Adding in-app media gallery to view and download photos and videos

I know all the options of having OTG key to get the video or photo material transfer off drone memory card, once landed.
Or option of switching to the DJI app for getting into drones phtoo video gallery for download.
Or also option to download the material from drone to smart device, without connected RC, just straight with fly app from drone, to gsm device.

I wish to skipp the other or multiple programs, just using one all in one program for maximum different tasks.
It would be nice to have inside litchi the option to connect on drones hi res material onboard, to view and to download it to gsm device.

+1 for this idea.
I also would like it in the Litchi App.

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I think it’s ridiculous that this option isn’t available on this app. I have been looking into changing over from the dji app and this is the one feature that has prevented me from purchasing the app. I know of several dji users who feel the same way. It’s strange how an app that can be “superior” to the manufacturers app can also be so inferior with such a basic feature.
It’s a deal breaker for me and many others.
Has anyone ever heard of why this isn’t included?

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    And please include ability to “auto sync hd photos” as we have with the DJI apps.
    Will dramatically improve our workflow as we will save the transferring time.
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I definitely think this need to be an option! to be able to view photos from the litchi app directly
and also auto stitching of Panos for Android devices


I need to view photos in the app before I land to make sure I have the shots. Battery life is at a premium and having to land and view in a PC or tablet, then take off again is just unprofessional. This is something I do not want to do in front of a client.
When working with clients on-site, I am currently using my Autel Evo Pro 2 so I can show my clients what has been shot without have to jump through the hoops with the Litchi app.
The DJI app is currently not working on Android, so the Litchi App is all I have for my Mavic Pro 2, Inspire 2, and Phantom 4 Pro.

Please help with this issue. It has been an issue and a request since I started using Litchi 5 years ago, but is now a real issue without having use of the DJI app on my Android devices.

Lack of this basic ‘video download’ option is a deal breaker for me, for sure.

The media gallery was actually added in 4.25.0 (android), however it does not work with Mini 2 yet due to a DJI SDK bug which DJI needs to fix


do anyone know if the bug is already fixed yet ?

Hello, I bought the app and I have a problem, when I try to access the photo and video gallery the following error appears:
The media gallery is not available for mini 2 yet

Having to use the app for work, I kindly ask someone if they can help me solve the problem.
Thank you very much