Bookmark or save drone position for later

Is there any way to manually fly to a location, aim the camera where you want and save that exact position and gimbal angle?

My goal is to be able to take the same exact photo on different days.

I realize I can set a waypoint or a POI while flying, but that doesn’t save the gimbal angle.

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You can see the gimbal angle in Litchi when you take the initial photo – it’s on the right, next to the “take a photo” icon.

I’d use that info, along with your waypoint, to do a waypoint mode flight. Then run that same flight every day, automating the photo direction and gimbal as well.

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Just as @miguel said, you will have to manually set the gimbal angle for the waypoints and save the mission.

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I gotcha. Get the drone and camera where I want it, mark the waypoint, then go back in and edit the waypoint and set the camera angle there. That’s not too bad.

I’m guessing gimbal pitch needs to be interpolate since that’s the only setting that lets you type in the angle?


That didn’t seem to work when I tried it yesterday, unless gimbal being set to interpolate is the key…

Yes. since you arent using a POI, you will need to set the Gimbal Pitch to Interpolate.

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I think I got it.

Basically I’ll make a new mission, set to interopolate, end action none and save it. Next time I fly that mission it’ll take me right where I want to be to re-take that photo. Easy enough!