Beta Requiring Network Connection

I downloaded this app to use with my Mini 3 on an old Android phone dedicated to drone use so i could avoid using the dji app. I downloaded this around a month or so ago, ran some test flights and was happy with it.

Today i went to fly using this app on that device with no internet connection and the app would not allow me to use it and it said I needed an internet connection to do something with my account. Does the app log you out after X amount of days of not using it like DJI? Or does it log you out if you shut the device off? Will this be fixed? This is a huge problem i had with the DJI app if i wanted to fly in an area where i couldnt get a connection and hadnt logged in for a while.

Any answer to this from dev?

I had this too when I updated to the newest beta.Only took a second but I hope it’s not going to be a “thing” like DJI. I really have enough going on in a calendar without keeping track of nonsense like this and have lost several fkying days because of it.

Can a dev confirm what the situation with this is?

The current open beta needs to check in with our servers at least once a week. This cache duration is likely to be increased to a longer duration when the app is released.

Thank you for the answer. Is there a work around for this? I often find myself not having touched my drone in a while with no connection. This feature essentially renders it useless unless youre meticulously logging in on routine.

We will review the duration to see if it can be increased for the beta. For the public release, it will definitely be longer. In most cases with a longer duration it should not cause issues - unfortunately we do need to have a license check once in a while

Thank you for clarifying. For the record, I’d gladly pay more to not have to deal with this.

Just to clarify, does the drone need to be connected, or would just opening the app while connected to a network suffice for this license check, if the latter then surely its no real problem

No need for the drone to be connected, just a working internet connection

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I leave an older phone in my drone bag that doesnt have a data plan. The thought process behind that is emergency planning to be able to use the drone more so for obersvation in the case of say a hurricane or a flood. In those cases, theres no telling when youll get internet back up. This has happened in the past where I live.

If that is the case, when you take the phone out of your drone bag once a week to charge it (or make sure it is charged) for those emergencies, let it connect to your WiFi and open and close Litchi Pilot. That way, it will be ready for those emergencies. I would also question the use of beta software for emergencies.

Litchi Pilot is currently free and in Beta. During this time there are some restrictions that all of us have to live with. After it has been officially released, some of those restrictions will be relaxed

Totally understand we’re in Beta, but im voicing my concerns for when the full version is released. DJI fly has this same thing as well where you need to ping their server and it can be bothersome if you forget to do that and wind up taking your drone on a backpacking trip or something. Their time limit was originally a month and from what i gather they may have raised that as a lot of people were complaining.

Does it,about the only time i open DJI fly is to check for firmware updates, in fact the last time i opened it I had problems with it not liking my Z fold4 or my tab 7FE

My tablet has no data connection away from my router…
(“The current open beta needs to check in with our servers at least once a week”)
If I’d known that before - It would have saved some frustration. Calm, brightly lit days are a rarity in winter hereabouts and with forest being the default here, travel is required to test a Beta.

In order for the Litchi app to sync any missions from the Mission Hub, it must be connected to the network. While at home, this is commonly done by connecting to WiFi. While away, this is commonly done by tethering your flying device to your phone using a personal hotspot.

If you do not have a hotspot configured on your phone or are traveling to a location without cellular service, you would have to sync your missions where you do have WiFi access.

Allowing the Litchi app to sync with the servers while you sync your missions shouldn’t require any more effort than is already required. Or am I totally not understanding your use case?

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Piggy backing on this, I dont use missions either. So i have no need to connect and sync anything.

Part of the appeal to me about this app is that if I use your app, my data isnt sent to DJI in the PRC.

I see. Did you know that in DJI Fly, you can turn off syncing by doing this:

  1. Open DJI Fly to display the home screen.
  2. Select “Profile”.
  3. Select “Settings”.
  4. Select “Sync Flight Data”.
  5. Turn off “Auto-sync”.

I don’t use the online mission planner. I draw them on the tablet,in Litchi, and then load them to Pilot.

…I do get that it’s important to know if a fatal flaw has been discovered in a beta but I expect these would show up in the forum, whereafter at-their-own-risk testers could carefully explore them and maybe help nail them down.

Yes, I’ve done that also thank you.

Ultimately the goal here would be to utilize this app in a way where I would not need to constantly log in. My phone in my go bag is charged maybe every other month, if that.

I understand this is a Beta and not ideal for my use case. I am however interested in buying the full version when it becomes available so the feedback is geared towards that. Having a drone in an emergency situation that cant be used because you need to login to the servers isn’t ideal so input as to how we can solve that would be useful.