Beta Requiring Network Connection

I downloaded this app to use with my Mini 3 on an old Android phone dedicated to drone use so i could avoid using the dji app. I downloaded this around a month or so ago, ran some test flights and was happy with it.

Today i went to fly using this app on that device with no internet connection and the app would not allow me to use it and it said I needed an internet connection to do something with my account. Does the app log you out after X amount of days of not using it like DJI? Or does it log you out if you shut the device off? Will this be fixed? This is a huge problem i had with the DJI app if i wanted to fly in an area where i couldnt get a connection and hadnt logged in for a while.

Any answer to this from dev?

I had this too when I updated to the newest beta.Only took a second but I hope it’s not going to be a “thing” like DJI. I really have enough going on in a calendar without keeping track of nonsense like this and have lost several fkying days because of it.

Can a dev confirm what the situation with this is?