Beta Requiring Network Connection

This is a thing for others as well. I actually live in a no cell phone region in northern canada. While I have satellite internet at home, the only thing I use my drone for tends to be to take with me into backwoods trips, its just part of my kit I take on ATV and snowmobile trips. I actually purchased and then refunded litchi because of the sign in requirements. I have a version of the DJI fly app from before the monthly login ping updates were required so that will continue working for me. While I’d love the extra features of litchi, if I can’t use the app when I’m out on a trip because of login requirements then its useless for me. As long as I don’t update my DJI fly app (and I keep a backup apk just in case it ever does) I don’t need to worry about not being able to use my drone when I pull it out and I’m in the back 40.

Any drone controller software that will give me improved drone features and not require a continual internet login will definitely get my money.

While there is a currently a weekly network requirement for the Litchi Pilot app, that should not prevent you from flying without a network connection. A network connection is only required if you wish to sync flights between Litchi Pilot and the Litchi servers (and that weekly network checkin). I sometimes fly where there is no cell coverage. I just make sure my missions are synced while I do have network connectivity.

To my knowledge, there is no such requirement. While you must be logged in, that does not mean the app does not function outside of network connectivity.

He means the need to log in once a week. Yes, we all know you can use it without a connection. BUT you need to log in once a week. Its an annoyance for those of us who have a kit put together with our drones in them. The point of said kits, is to grab and go; not set a weekly alarm to ensure youre logged in so it will work.

As he said, I too, would gladly pay to not have to worry about this inconvenience.

Install litchi pilot also on your daily phone (that’s most likely NOT part of the kit) and set a weekly reminder on that.
And leaving the kit on standby for more than a week will self discharge the drone batteries to below 80% so you should charge them anyway.