Automated Slow Pan

I would like to record a smooth 15s Pan of 180 °.
I wondered whether in a waypoint I could start a recording and rotate the drone 180 ° over a 15s interval.
I can see that you can wait for 15s and then record but no option to actually record for 15s while you rotate.
Can anyone suggest a method to do this?
Another option would be to have 2 waypoints (very close together) with a difference in heading of 180 ° but again how can I set that interval of 15s between the 2 points?

Method 1:
Performing an orbit.

Method 2:
As you mentioned, placing the 2 waypoints on top of each other.

Time equals distance devided by speed.

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Thanks @TriBar:
Doing an orbit means a manual task -and I guess the smoothest way is to reduce the Yaw Speed.
So may as well just slowly turn the drone.
I did think of the 2 waypoints but there is no way of reducing the speed of the rotation of the drone/gimbal.

Small radius around your POI
Heading mode: Outward
Speed : The speed at which the aircraft should orbit in degrees per second.

Yes, it requires some manual help (Start/Stop video). But it gets you automated control of the rotation.

Yes there is !

From the Online User Manual:
“If two consecutive waypoints have different headings, the aircraft will smoothly transition from one heading to the other while travelling from the first waypoint to the second.”

Speed = distance / time
Speed = 4.17m / 15s = (4.17/1000) / (15/3600) = 1 kph

Place 2 waypoints with different headings 4.17m apart and fly with a speed of 1 kph from one to the other, this will take 15 seconds in which the drone/gimbal slowly rotates from one heading to the other.