Automating 360 degrees video

Using Litchi with DJI Mini 2, and still learning Litchi.

I would like to take a 180 deg or 360 deg video by positioning the AC at a specific height. I see that Litchi does Panoramas by taking a series of pictures. What is the best method for taking a 180 deg/360 deg VIDEO? Presently I am doing it manually by rotating the AC. Is Waypoint a method to achieve this automatically?

  1. In a ‘Straight Lines’ mission you could use the ‘Rotate Aircraft’ action. However you can’t control the rotation speed.

  2. You could use the ‘Orbit’ function with a small radius (Min. 5m), experiment with ‘Heading Mode’. Here you can control the rotation speed.

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@TriBar - thank you so much. Yes, #2 seems a better option since controlling the speed of rotation is important. I will try this and report back.