Auto-Stitching for Android when?

I recently bought Litchi, as DJI Fly doesn’t work on 32 bit architecture phones.
One big thing that was promised was auto-stitching for Android, which was suppose to come out over a year ago according to this developer reply:

Late 2022, and no such luck. So, my question: Where is in-app Android stitching at now and when will it be released?
I really want to love this app, but this (and another problem I will be addressing in a different post) makes it hard to.
Thank you for your replies in advance!
And devs, thank you for the hard work you do!


Sorry we made a mistake on that one (and sorry for the late answer too!). At the time of the reply we wanted to get it done, but the priorities can change sometimes due to new sdk releases and other things, and auto stitch on android was pushed back as a result.

Unfortunately while I would love to tell you we will release it soon, the reality is we are very busy right now with other things which have higher priority and as a result I don’t really have good news to bring regarding auto stitch on android. We still want to do it though and hope to get there eventually.


Thank you for your response!
I look forward to seeing more features added (especially autostitching)!
Thank you for you work as a developer!