Auto Pano within Waypoint Mission

I recently Purchased the Litchi App with the ability to fly missions with the Mavic 2 air S planning the missions all is well and good, I cannot see the option to get an auto pano to be taken at specific locations. Am i missing a setting or is this functionality not available? Any one got experience of this feature?

Method 1 (Using the Mission Hub):
-Click on ‘Settings’ and set ‘Path Mode’ to ‘Straight Lines’.
-Close the settings menu.
-Choose or create a waypoint.
-The waypoint settings popup menu will appear.
-Click on the ‘Panorama preset’ icon (on the bottom right site of the menu opposite of ‘Actions’.
This will take 7 pictures devided over 360° at the current gimbal pitch/angle.

Method 2:
Study this topic:


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HI Yordie, thank you for taking the time to read my request and document a reply,
this is really helpful as i know now there is not a way to take what i do require and that is a 360 deg panosphere / Auto pano

What is your problem? Do autopanorama two times.

But there is a way. See the “Litchi Mission to Panorama Mission” on this web site:

And where is this website I don 't see the link?

The big rectangle under Wes’s post that says

Litchi Mission Unilities
Wes Barris

You’ll find all kinds of useful information and mission set-ups on Wes’s site.

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JIK someone tries, you missed the c in

Edited now. Thanks for being a spell checker

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