Air 2s Waypoints - Focus POI bug


I was trying out the following waypoints below using Focus POI on POI 1 for all my waypoints:

The drone goes through the path all ok but the gimbal just points down instead of focusing the camera on POI 1. All settings seem ok for the mission and waypoints so I don’t understand why the camera points down.

is this a bug with the app?

I have an DJI Air 2S with one of the latest firmware 02.04.2040. I use the latest Litchi app on Android and everything works fine with the app.

thank you!


Version 4.21.3 (March 16, 2022)

  • with the new Air 2S DJI firmware update v02.04.21.50, the Air 2S is now fully supported in Litchi for Android including gimbal control

I have the same problem, or actually worse - the drone always heads in the direction of flight instead of pointing the camera towards the POI. Wonder if my settings were wrong.

Check your mission settings. It sounds like you have your “Heading mode” set to “Auto (TNW)” instead of “Manual (WD)”.