DJI -SDK Android 4.16.1 Now Available

As a Pixel 6 user, I’ve been checking every day for the update to the Android SDK so that I can use the Litchi app and be able to view a live stream with my Mini 2.

I don’t mean to rush anyone, just really excited, approximately how long does it take for a new SDK update to be implemented in the Litchi app?

It is in beta testing 4.22.0: join at Beta - Litchi

It does fix the pixel 6 video issues

We will release it soon (maybe next week) if testing goes well

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Do you think the new SDK 4.16.1 will fix bugs in the AIR2S drone (yaw - twitch) without updating the drone to the latest firmware version - “with the new firmware update Air 2S DJI v02.04.21.50 Air 2S is now fully supported in Litchi for Android, including gimbal control”

The yaw movements not being very smooth is a problem not specific to air 2s, it applies to all dji fly drones, it is something we will work on improving in a future update


Okay, thanks for that, too.

Hi! I updated my Air 2S 2S drone to firmware v02.04.21.50 on your recommendation.

DISAPPOINTED even more! How so, what’s the deal? Why are you so not serious about your customers. Is it really impossible to correct mistakes in pulling the suspension normally? What did we pay so much money for? When purchasing your DJI product, we thought that you were a serious company. With all due respect, your product does not inspire trust and respect.

The route I flew and am flying for tests!
Everything works fine in the drone model Magic Air and Mavic Pro.
Well, in the Air 2S 2S drone, you can see for yourself what’s going on.
And for some reason it seems that the old firmware 2040 was even better.

Please work on this soon! I bought Litchi and I’m disappointed how if flies in Waypoints mode!
I would really like to have some smoothing on the yaw inputs made by Litchi in Joystick mode.

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