AIR 2S stops at each mission point!

Dear friends, I have a problem and I need some tips, when I plan my flight the drone only goes to point 1 and stops, to start at point 2 I need to give a start command, from there it moves , is there a function that I’m putting wrong?

I happen to own a Fimi X8 quadcopter which features a rudimentary waypoint facility that is still a few evolutionary steps below Litchi. One of the most annoying features of the Fimi X8’s waypoint behavior is that the drone stops to pause at every waypoint and thus of course consumes far more battery power than would be the case if the drone simply flew the flight path in one continuous uninterrupted swoop.

I have no explanations to offer as to why your particular DJI drone model also stops uncommanded at each waypoint, but suffice it to say all my DJI Phantom 3 and Mavic Pro1 drones that are based on the DJI Go or DJI Go4 platforms, do not pause at Litchi flight path waypoints unless such tarries were specified during the flight planning stage.

I suspect therefore that your DJI Fly drone might be prone to that stop-and-go flight path behavior for reasons specific to the DJI Fly flight management system, rather than on account of any bugs in Litchi’s extensively field-tested and commercially utilized waypoint planner.

This is from the Litchi User Manual and might help you figure out why the drone isn’t doing what you want.

What you describe should not be happening. If you share your mission, we might be better able to help you.