Air 2s gimbal settings

Is it possible to set waypoints during flight where the position of the gimbal is also recorded. I got it to work partially by setting C1 as the function key but I see that gimbal settings are not being registered. Is it a bug or is it not implemented yet?


Before you start recording a new mission make sure that in ‘Mission Settings’ you set:

‘Default Gimbal Pitch Mode’ to ‘Interpolate’.

Have a look at this topic:

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Does this allow the drone to fly the Waypoint mission while looking around with the camera?

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If you want to look around during any waypoint mission you have to set “Heading Mode” in “Mission Settings” to “Manual (UC)”.

I advise you to read the Online User Guide:

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I keep reading and hopefully learning too. Thank you for having the persistence and patience to answer all the questions that you do!

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