AIR 2s BETA - Waypoint POI Interpolation not smooth

Tested on BETA version JAN 15(?) Android

i want to create a waypoint mission, set POIs and have the drone record a smooth video.

Expected Behavior: drone will fly entire mission in a single smooth camera movement, interpolating evenly between waypoints and POIs.

Problem: Interpolation of the drone’s forward orientation towards POIs is sometimes not smooth, causing the camera to turn sharply to catch up, thus making cinematographic motions impossible. this happens typically when drone is approaching a waypoint. This wasnt a problem with older drones (P3p, Mp).

→ Are you aware of this issue? Is this normal behavior for Litchi on this drone?


This is because DJI removed actual waypoints from their SDK, leaving developers for apps such as litchi stuck with Virtual Sticks method.
The Air 2S doesn’t have real waypoints, and no real way to add it, what the waypoint mode in Litchi does on drones that use DJI Fly app is it uses Joystick mode and simulates the controller moving the joysticks, Litchi moves the joysticks virtually. So it will be nowhere as smooth as on the older DJI models as phantoms, older mavics… Sad but true.

The way I fix it is that I use digital stabilization on the footage, DaVinci Resolve 17 is a great tool for that, and it’s free!

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To explain further:
There needs to be a constant good connection between the AC and RC.
Every disconnect between the aircraft and the controller, even miliseconds, means 1 or more specific control-command(s) will not be executed until connection is re-established again.
This will result in ‘jumpy’ movements of the AC and camera.

ok, understood.

that is hugely disappointing, indeed. I only purchased the Air 2s after official confirmation that it would get an SDK and hence Litchi support. I did not know it wouldnt allow me what i ve been doing with my old drones. super disappointing.

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THE reason I won’t buy DJI drones anymore.

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Autel has its own problems, dont want to buy that either…
and what else is there?

I’m holding on to my Phantom 3 Pro, Mavic Pro & Mavic Air 1.
They still are more than adequate for ‘family’ videos and photos.


Mavic 2 Pro is good I guess… It has waypoints, at least I think so.

so DJI it is then :slight_smile: its not like they are not great drones…

M2pro seems to be most advanced consumer with waypoints, but i was always disappointed in the image quality… wonderful 1" sensor, but poorly implemented. P4pro is so much better, but my gimbal has some issue and it randomly starts to vibrate, making it more or less unusable.

Hence i went for Air 2s thinking all my worries would be solved, yet here we are :slight_smile:

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I have the DJI Air 2s also and yes I have the same gimble problem. For no reason at all the gimble starts to jerk from right to left and ruins any chance of good video. I use Dronelink for mapping (3D) and was have problem with gimble pitch not responding. I fixed it by setting the initial angle to 86 degrees instead of the default of 90 degrees… Seemed to work and having no more problems.

Got any pointers or instructional videos on how to do stabilization in Resolve?

The easiest way in the google photo app, click the “stabilize” button

Thanks I’ve done the exact search many times but I’m more so interested in finding a video that addresses the specific workflow for DJI drones. I watched all those that come up in search and none fixed the issues.

I tried orbit mode and had the same issue in litchi. I think the very slow orbit speed I’m using is the big culprit (0.6 m/s around an object 500 meters away). The drone flies smoothly around the curve but it seems like it wobbles back and forth every few seconds like it miscalculated the interpolated heading. It’s weird because I can do orbit (poi track) in the DJI fly app and it’s so much smoother at similar speeds in a “hands off” mode where I’m not l touching the sticks. Why is that?

Do you think the issue could be related to me utilizing curves? If I switch to a straight line instead of a curve around the POI, would that potentially help?

It’s not as much fun as it seems! DJI simply mocked thousands of users of its product by depriving them of the possibility of autonomous flights in drones controlled by DJI FLY.

  1. What remains for us is to silently but bitterly spit in the direction of DJI to use what we have.

  2. Or get together and submit a petition in support of the implementation of the possibility of autonomous flights in our drones in new firmware.

Sincerely, Magomed.

I can’t answer that, I use my older NON-VSC-drones for waypoint missions.

What I do know is that Litchi is working on this problem as they stated in one of the many other topics concerning this issue.
Search the forum for “jerky”.

A quote from ‘vico’:
“For DJI Fly drone models, orbit and waypoint curves can be a bit jerky, this is something we hope to improve in future versions”


Yes, you must be joking

I have run spiral mission tests using many waypoints, fewer waypoints, curved turns, and straight lines. Nothing I have tried resolves the jerky yaw motion.

I installed the latest versions of the program and even on my dji spark the missions were not smooth, I had to go back to version 4.20 to fix it. How is this possible?

I don’t think that’s possible, but you can contact to make sure.