AEB 360 Pano for mini 2 or air 2s?

Hi, I have been looking at getting the litchi app for iOS for my mini 2 and air 2s. Just need a bit of clarification on whether or not it shoots 360 AEB panoramas on either drone. The only post I can see on this subject was for the M2P from 2 years ago.

Have a look at this post:

TriBar has already sent information, so you know, yes you can. I have a Mini 2, iOS iPhone XS Max, and using the Pano mode you can shoot AEB, 3 photos, with various exposure offsets. You can also change the number of rows, columns and nadirs. It easy to adjust and one of the better 360° pano programs out there. (I think)
Just so you know, if it is a concern, currently these cannot be put into a mission plan to automatically stop and capture them. You launch, fly where you want to take the pano, then go into the settings and start it.