DJI Mavic Mini: AEB-Panorama doesn't work anymore?

I am using a DJI Mavic Mini. So far, unless I’m wildly mistaken, I’ve been able to make panoramas using AEB mode. Today, however, this no longer worked: as soon as I triggered the auto panorama, the camera mode switched from “AEB” to “normal”.

Is this a bug?

For iOS (not android as it does not have in-app stitching yet), Auto Pano uses optimized camera settings to ensure a successful stitch inside Litchi (using Pano database): Help - Litchi
One of these optimization is to make sure only single photos are taken, as Litchi is not yet able to merge AEB shots together.
When shooting AEB it is recommended to use manual pano settings, as it is expected that you will stitch it outside Litchi. To replicate an Auto Pano with manual settings, use: 360 width, 8 columns, 110 height (reduce if windy for mini drones), 3 rows, 1 nadir, spherical grid pattern, column by column and 0 delays

In previous Litchi version, I think we did not force single shot with Auto Pano but that was more a bug than anything else.