Action "Start Recording" not work with Air 2s in "Mission Hub"

The same mission work perfectly with “Mini” : the action “Start Recording” is ok.
But, with a “Air 2s”, the action “Start Recording” start a photo sequence ! Not a video.

Could you share this mission in the Mission Hub?
Instructions here:

Thanks for this advice.
Here is the URL: Mission Hub - Litchi

Both drones can’t take photos and record video at the same time.
The “Photo Capture Interval” set to 3 seconds in ‘Mission Settings’ will be activated as soon as you start the mission (at takeoff), and will continue until the drone has landed, or you disable it at any waypoint.
In order to be able to start video recording, it has to be disabled.

My guess is (I’m sure), it was disabled when flying your Mini, then you changed it to 3 seconds in ‘Mission Settings’ and started the ‘same’ mission using the Air2s.

You only have to disable it in ‘Mission Settings’, then it will also be disabled in All waypoints.

Photo Capture Interval: 3 seconds:

Photo Capture Interval: Disabled:

Thank you very much for this quick and detailed response. I appreciate.
I haven’t had time to test yet, but you probably helped me out. Thanks again.

But I expressed myself badly in the description of my problem (I am French and I use Google to translate into English…). In fact I was not looking to take photos and a video simultaneously, just a video.
What is strange is that the same mission gives a different result depending on the drone used:

  • with the “mini”, the video is well started with the “Start Recording” action in the “Waitpoint” despite the validation of “Photo Capture” in the “Setting” menu
  • with the “Air 2s”, “Photo Capture” has priority (no video).

I modified my mission as you advised. I’m testing this afternoon!