Zoom for Mini 2

Dear developers,

now as I own a Mini 2 which has the capability to zoom the camera, I am missing this function in Litchi.
In Rainbow and DJI Fly it is existent, but I wonder, why it is not existent in Litchi.

I believe, zooming is available on the controller (I maybe wrong!), is there a reason, why Litchi got no slider on the screen? Or did I miss something?

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Search for ‘mini 2 zoom’.
(magnifying glass upper right corner)

to be clear the camera doesn’t have optical zoom. It just enlarges the current pixels.You can do this in software at home

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Searched, but found no magnifying glass in Litchi. Neither on the surface nor in the settings. Maybe I missed something.

The Mini 2 spec says, the Mini 2 got 2x zoom in its camera and this is working with Func + wheel. Rainbow additionally can do 4x zoom, however, this is only optical on the mobile and you can not record this. For the mini 2 you should be able to record 2x zoom in video mode, and, as far as I read (but here I might be wrong) 4x zoom in picture mode - all natively. However, it is not made clear by DJI if they do it in hardware or in its software.

There is one on THIS page !?

Oh, understood! You meant the search magnifying glass! Yes, that is well known. I thought, you meant some icon in form of a magnifying glass, which got the function of zooming.

Shit happens…

It’s not entirely clear what you mean by that. When referring to digital cameras, there are traditionally two types of zooms:

  1. Optical zoom
  2. Digital zoom

Unfortunately, DJI has often mis-used the term “Zoom” in their literature confusing a lot of people.

An optical zoom lens uses a complex system of movable components to alter the focal length and angle of view with no trade-off in quality when “zooming”.

A digital zoom simply uses a scaling algorithm to simulate what a true optical zoom lens does. The same thing can be accomplished in post-production. In this case, “zooming in” is just scaling the image.

The only DJI drone with a true optical zoom is/was the Mavic 2 Zoom. All other DJI drones that are claimed to have a zoom lens employ a digital zoom. For example, the new Mavic 3, despite DJI saying that it has a zoom lens, really has two fixed focal length lenses (one wide-angle and one telephoto) and uses digital zooming to transition between the two.


And I would like to add to that, ‘scaling up’ is typically referred to as ‘cropping’ in post-processing SW… Thanks for your very clear explanation!