Youtube Vids vs Missions

How come the videos of missions don’t actually appear to be the same as the ones people are uploading? Are you just uploading any aerial views of whatever takes your fancy cos that’s what it seems some I’ve seen.

How do you know, or what do you mean?

Perhaps by post-editing:
-color grading
-color correcting
-time shifting


NOT missions at all, but manual flying.

I know because I can see.

The mission starts and takes a tour west around a beach, then back east slightly to the north. The video starts off near point one, then heads east and carries on heading east. It’s not until about 75% of the way through the video does it even remotely go anywhere near the first point in the mission and then shortly after it ends!

Its not any of the methods you used. And if it was manual flying then what’s the point in having a YouTube video showing the mission?

I could create a mission doing circles around a playing field near me. Then upload a video of me in a different field, where I take off, then land then you get 5 minutes of grass.


It is not clear to whom you are addressing this question. If you are referring to the missions (and videos) that are available in the Mission Hub then your question should be addressed to those who choose to share their missions.

Any Litchi user has the ability to make their missions public. If they also attach a YouTube video to that mission, it becomes available for any other users to see.

I too have seen shared missions whose YouTube video do not match the mission. I don’t know why they do that but it is their choice. As far as I know, there is no one whose job it is to verify that shared missions and videos match.