Wont' take ACTIONS instruction

Android v4.21.3 build 30004063 DJI Mini 2

Route set and seems OK but a little out on plan (shift by about 5 metres). Gizmo flies ok but will not impliment ACTIONS set on app.

You can’t use Actions in Mission with Curved Turns, if you set it to Straight Turns in Mission Settings it should work.

No. I am alreadt set to straight and tried it 3 no 4 times now and camera actions do not work for me.

Does the drone stop at each waypoint?

No. Should it ? I tried stop recording, pause for 5, start recording…and SAVE, RELOAD and “gizmo” sailed on when I tried again to run the mission. The only way I could record was to remove all the actions and start the RECORD manually.


I must be doing something wrong…but what?

When the drone does not stop at each waypoint this usually means you have a ‘Curved Turns’ mission.
From the online User Guide:
“or “Curved Turns” where the aircraft will not stop at waypoints and instead take curved turns”


(Only for drones made for the DI Fly App, which use VSC (Virtual Stick Commands) commands to control the drone (Mini-1 and newer)).
In a Straight Line Mission:
The control signal between the remote controller and the drone is not 100%, i.e. there are too many very short signal interruptions (milleseconds). These prevent the drone from actually reaching a waypoint so actions will not be executed.
Read this Topic:

Online User Guide: