Wind speed tolerance at altitude?

Interesting video here: 大疆DJI Mini 2抗風性不行? 8級風實測結果出爐! - YouTube - in short the DJI mini 2 can handle 42mph for a bit…

But my questions are more practical:

  • If wind speed ‘on the ground’ is (say 20mph) - how high can I safely expect to go? Does anyone have rules of thumb for both ‘open field’ as well as ‘city’?
  • Nevermind ‘safe’ for now - what is the maximum ground speed and litchy settings (e.g. flight speed between waypoints) at which I can still get good camera results with litchi?

I use UAV forecast to check the winds, you can set your altitude etc and it will tell you if its good to fly or not

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Wow, that’s a pretty good site, thanks!
I wonder how they can predict the GPS sattelite situation, I never knew that even was a thing that changes over time…