Will SDK allows apps like Litchi to add things like more other frame rates?

I just ordered a Mavic 3 Enterprise because my P4Ps are very long in the tooth at this point and even the basic waypoint planning features in Pilot App 2 will suffice for me until Litchi eventually comes out with an SDK5 app. The Mavic 3 consumer versions have a plethora of frame rates and resolutions for video as well as photo features like exposure bracketing. I understand DJI needing to separate the consumer and enterprise markets by offering different features but why on earth would they remove something like Auto Exposure Bracketing from their enterprise drones? On the video side of things the M3E can only shoot 4K at 30fps for example while the 3 Classic can shoot 24,48,60,and 120fps among others.

I am wondering if an app like Litchi would be able to bring back some of this functionality by tapping into the SDK or are these limitations baked into the SDK itself? I know that other drones, like the minis, have had features added to them that DJI had left for more expensive drones.

Thanks in advance.

No features have been enabled for drones that do not have these features. The recording settings are not related to litchi in any way, these settings are stored in the drone’s firmware

I thought for sure Litchi added Follow Me for my Mini 2 that is not natively in the Fly app….

Follow me in the form in which this function is present in other drones, no one added.
All functions work on the basis of virtual sticks, it has nothing to do with the sdk, it’s just that your smartphone sends commands to the remote control.

Okay I understand so let me ask for further clarification in a more direct way. Knowing that Litchi aims to add functionality not available on the stock app (Follow Me on Mini 2) that mimics functions available on other drones, is it possible or not that Litchi could add Auto Exposure Bracketing to the Mavic 3 Enterprise? Could Litchi send a command to take a photo, adjust the exposure and take another photo, say in the middle of a waypoint mission?

By your earlier answer I assume the answer is no. I think what you’re saying is only by virtual sticks can anything be added in the way of functionally.

I think that litchi can mimic button presses on a remote control and execute those functional commands that dji has placed in the sdk.
Without providing an sdk, this is not possible.

follow me or active track for such drones as dji mavic pro, mavic air, spark in the litchi application works according to the same algorithm as for dji mini2.
The algorithm of virtual sticks is also used
However, the original application for these drones works in a different way. The Follow program is loaded into the drone itself and the drone uses its own processor, following a mobile device or an object in the frame (if you use active track).
Dji still hasn’t released an sdk for these features after 5 years.

That all makes sense. Thank you.